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What is a Keddy Tree?

A Keddy Christmas tree is one that has been developed over the last 20 years to reflect market changes and consumer demand.

We select the best of the best for natural regeneration and seed production for future stock.

Important features are good colour, uniform taper, good density, with strong bottom limbs and a clear, well defined, straight top.

These are prime factors for customer satisfaction.
One Final Word - Christmas is a very special time. We at Keddy Christmas Tree Company know the importance of quality and care. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed a fresh, aromatic, Nova Scotia Balsam Fir Christmas Tree to brighten your Christmas holidays.

You also can know that long before Christmas arrives, someone here was thinking about you.

Keddy Christmas Tree Company
586 Glengary Rd, RR2 New Ross, Nova Scotia, B0J 2M0,Canada
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